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Fear is the number 1 deterrent of success.

The best artist, musician, fashion designer, or entrepreneur can be out there right now with amazing ideas in their head, but never live up to it, only because of fear.

I am terrified of my dreams. I wish at times, I didn’t obsess over accomplishing my mission and being the person that I want to be. I am scared that I will never live up to the dreams that rotate over and over again in my mind.

For the longest time, fear prevented me from accomplishing and impacting the world in the way that I so deeply aspired. For the first 12 months of building FITS, I did it in complete silence. Kept it a secret from the world and was reluctant to tell anyone about my ideas. When I look back at it, I was scared of 1) being embarrassed 2) getting my idea taken. Due to this, I with held my work from the world and tried to wait for the perfect finished product to finally showcase.

During this time, I recorded numerous podcast episodes about my journey. Episodes that will never come out (only because we didn’t know about mic covers) but those episodes, I never thought about putting out at the time. I always wanted to submerge myself in the social media game and spread my message to more people but I was scared that my business wasn’t developed enough. How can you make entrepreneurship content without being one of the best entrepreneurs out yet? I would always tell myself that when x happens, I will do y. However, looking back, it was just fear.

Fear of judgement. Fear of failure. Fear of myself and my own ambitions.

Rob’s tagline is “Fortune Favors The Fearless”.

To flip the switch and truly become fearless, you have to make 2 bold decisions. 1) You have to actually acknowledge that you want it 2) You have to be relentless in your pursuit to get it

What do you really want? Who do you really aspire to become? The truth about these two questions is the the hardest possible answer. The answer that you can barely even tell someone because they will look at you crazy is normally the right answer. Once you find the answers to those questions, you probably will be looking up at something that you think is completely unattainable. That is when you have to make one of two decisions. Am I going to accept the fact that this is a dream that I want to pursue? Or am I going to fold on this? If the answer is that you want it, the next step is starting.

This day in age, we glorify famous people and overnight successes. This is because we open our phones, go on social media, and see people that have a lot of money or a lot of followers on Instagram. We see them living it up and smiling and talking about how you two can accomplish big things if you work hard. If there was a video that could teach you the key to success and everybody in the world can sit there, watch it, and become successful as a result. We would all be mad at words within that video. I sit around and watch motivational videos all the time, thinking that I am going to learn something new or learn some type of secret to success. The reason why we would be mad at these videos is because everyone says the same thing: work hard and be relentless. Being relentless is not fucking easy. I question my entire life and think that everything I am doing is complete ass, at least once a week. I started my business and thought after a few posts it would just blow up and everybody would love the product that I built for them. However, what we fail to realise is that the best things in life are results of the hardest possible journey. What is the most challenging way to get to where I want to go? What are the things that 95% of people do not do? What ideas do I have that seem so hard that it makes me scared to even try? The truth is that we have got to accept the fact that we want something and stop at nothing to get there.

Being relentless means being obsessively consistent. It means that no matter how tough things get, no matter how much you fail, you keep going and stay on the path that you set out for yourself.

When I decided to truly start building out FITS and start really posting on social media. I told myself that there are people that I want to impact. People that I think could benefit greatly by hearing my message. People that I need to learn from. People out there that together, we could build something that apart wouldn’t be possible. I told myself that I want to be the 50th President of the United States. I can’t believe that I just wrote that. I am scared to tell anyone because I know they would be like yea, ard. But the truth is, that is my number 1 goal. That is the dream in my head that I so deeply want to silence. Truth be told, it just keeps coming up in my mind, so much that I can’t do anything but plot out my next 20 years to be able to make that happen. Dame Dash said “People would traditionally think I was crazy, they all did. Unless you have a dream that people think are crazy then your dream is wack. I dream big bro and everybody around me that dreams big, that I have taught to dream big, you are reading about them in Forbes”.

Fear is motherfucker. Fear prevents people from being successful. So decide, am I scared of this dream? Do I actually want it or not? Then be relentless in your pursuit of that dream. You can’t be the top designer out if you only have 1 or 3 collections out. You can’t be the best musician if you only have 4 singles out. You can’t be an entrepreneur if you don’t obsess over your business for the next 10 years. And you will never be the President of the United States, if you don’t try.

S/o Rob: Fortune Favors The Fearless

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