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Monday Motivation: Be a Revolutionary

Word of the Week: Revolutionary

When you’re a Revolutionary: You can be a fashion designer, musician, youtuber, podcast host, author, video editor, and CEO at the same time because you start with purpose.

When you’re a Revolutionary: You know that ideas are worthless because they don’t help yourself or anyone else so you do everything in your power to Make Ideas Inventions.

When you’re a Revolutionary: You don’t conform to the world as it is, you create the world that you want to live in.

Theme of the week: The plan is already set, just chop wood. To chop wood is to put your head down and focus on progress. This comes from focusing on systems instead of goals. If your goal is to gain 100 followers on Tik Tok this week, recording 5 videos, editing those videos, and posting them are the systems that will get you there.

  • Book Recommendation: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Photo by Lala Azizli on Unsplash

Powerful Podcasts: David Goggins on Joe Rogan

  • David Goggins is a retired Navy Seal. He is known for creating a calloused mind by losing 100lbs in 3 months, completing 3 hell weeks, running multiple 100 mile long races, and breaking the pull up record with 4,030 in 17 hours.

Max’s Tweet:

As a Revolutionary, the words that you speak to yourself are so important.

Replace the words on the left with the words on the right:

  • Want < Will

  • Can’t < Haven’t

  • No < Yes

Every time you are about to say the words on the left, think about how great life would be on the right.

Big Announcement:

I have started The Dress Shirt Revolution. Over the next month, I am documenting the journey of launching this new business. Last week, I posted videos about myself, why I am starting the brand, my inspiration, sourcing fabrics, how to create a collection, and making patterns.


Follow the Journey: Tik Tok | Instagram | Twitter

Note: I haven’t taken tik tok too seriously over the past year. That was definitely a big miss on my part since I had the content this whole time. It was pretty defeating posting multiple videos with only 200 views each time. However, on my recent podcast, Myles told me that Tik Tok ads get you the most bang for your buck right now. I tested it out and it works. I gained 150 followers over the last 5 days. I will keep you updated on the progress.


  • If you are looking to start a fashion brand, email me back “Create” and I will send you The Fashion Revolution Playbook.

  • I have two podcasts coming out this week: The guests are Donald and Giles. If you want to be a DJ, watch my most recent episode with Dennis Free here.

  • FITS is going well right now! We are doing 3 manufacturing projects at the moment. If any of you are looking for blanks + printing or cut and sew production, email me back “Work” and we will set up a time to speak.


Be great this week and Make Ideas Inventions.

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